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Contemporary Art is art from the 1960s or 1970s and continuing until this very minute.

For many people art history at 1970 is the cut-off point for several reasons. First, because it was around that year that the terms like "Postmodern" and "Postmodernism" arrived – which means, we must assume, that the art world had finished with Modern Art starting right then.

Also, 1970 seems to be the last moment of simply classified artistic movements. If you examine the outline of Modern Art, and also look at the outline of Contemporary Art, you'll soon notice that there are many more entries on the first page. This, in spite of the fact that Contemporary Art sees far more artists making much more art. It may be that modern artists are generally working in "movements" that cannot be labelled, due to there being around a dozen artists in any given "movement", none of which have told us there's a new "movement" and "could you please inform the others?"

We report on all kind of contemporary arts, from dance, visual arts, music, performance and plenty more. We also report on many festivals and events which include these arts. We even have a special section for the Edinburgh fringe on account of the vast numbers of artists who start their careers at that exciting place!


Welcome to Contemporary Arts

This website is a celebration of the arts in contemporary Britain. There are so many talented artists rising up through the new generations and we wish to celebrate all this fantastic talent.

Just one example of exciting modern art is Yorùbá Art and Culture is old and respected and in threat of disappearing in its current form. It has changed and been made into a way of life, maintaining those who have required it across the world, offering a sense of self and belonging which is absent amongst many people across the world. Since the fifties descendants of the Yorùbá’s have been mass migrating to both the continent and across the Atlantic to America, reconnecting with Yorùbá peoples in cities from New York City to London, UK.

Yorùbá means to champion the contemporary Arts of the Yorùbá’s in the UK and in Yorùbá land and throughout the great African Diaspora.

The aim is to foster and promote connection and collaboration between people working in different parts of the globe and with the counties they are working in it is at the front of contemporising Yorùbá life in all its forms and seeks to promote variation by spreading awareness to all.

Societies in the West today are encountering social and economic issues partly stemming from a dearth of cultural identity which Ifá-Yorùbá hopes to help deal with through educational activities and motivational schemes, promoting the Yorùbá arts and culture.

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